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Rules & Regulations


· League divided into four geographical groups (Dubai, Sharjah & Northern Emirates and Abu Dhabi & Al Ain).

· Two age group competitions; U14 & U16.

· Six teams in each regional group.

· All games will be played on FIBA standard hardwood courts
o Dubai (GEMS Sports Academy, Silicon Oasis)
o Sharjah & Northern Emirates (Victorian International School of Sharjah)
o Abu Dhabi & Al Ain (New York University)
o Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals & Finals (TBC)

· Groups will play in a round-robin format.

· The top two teams from each group will automatically qualify for the next stage. The top two ranked third placed teams in each group will also qualify for the next stage.

· Quarter finals and semi finals with be a straight knock out.

· The finals will be a one off game



· Fixtures arranged and draws made for the tournament by the Organising Committee will be final and will not be changed except due to force majeure.

· Sport360 has the right to postpone any match if deemed necessary due to unavoidable circumstances.



· Each competitor shall wear the uniform supplied by Sport360. A competitor must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to himself or another competitor (including any kind of jewellery).



· Game won – two points.

· Game lost – no points.

· Match forfeited due to walk over – The game is awarded to the opponents and the score shall be 20 to 0. Furthermore, the forfeiting team shall receive 0 points in the classification.

· If teams are equal on points at the end of the round-robin stages then the teams with highest points difference in the group will qualify.



· All participating teams should be available to play the matches as per Sport360 schedule.

· Match reporting time 30 minutes before start of play.

· A team may not take the court with less than 3 players.

· Match Starting Time as per announced schedule.

· 4 x 10 minute quarters, running clock until the final two minutes of the fourth quarter.

· In case of draw, 2 minutes overtime will be played in all games.



· The National School Basketball league is a schools only league.

· Only pupils registered at the participating school are allowed to take part.

· Each participating school is allowed a maximum of 10 registered players to represent the school.

· The coach or team manager shall submit to referees a complete list of minimum 5 players, duly signed 15 minutes before the game. Players must not be listed with a single name for various administration reasons (coaches and managers are responsible for providing players’ full names).

· A player must play at least two matches to qualify for the final.



· Sport360 will provide all the referees and match officials with assistance from the UAE Basketball Association

· The official scorer appointed by Sport360 shall be responsible for recording the score.



· Sport360 shall have the right to disallow any team from participation in the NSL-Basketball due to any misconduct.