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The National School League – Basketball, is designed to raise the standard of basketball across the UAE with a long-term plan to integrate an Emirati development program. With two age groups currently in play, the U14 and U16, our goal is to imbue players with the spirit of competition by arranging for them to play in a league format, on FIBA standard hardwood courts. We believe that such experience is what will drive the younger generations forward in terms of sporting achievements, learning the importance of teamwork and the invaluable lesson of sportsmanship.
For the 2015 season there are 34 teams playing 100 games across 3 venues in the UAE. The structure of the league is based on the format of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), the governing body for international basketball competition, with each participating school developing its own brand. Every school will play each other in the same age group during the round-robin stage. The winner will earn an automatic entry to the quarter-finals, while the runner-up and third-placed team battle for the final qualifying berth. The final will be one off winner takes all game.

Each game will have four, 10-minute quarters with continuous clock until the final two minutes of the fourth quarter.

With the league only being in the first year of operation, the number of teams is forecasted to expand rapidly over time. This expansion will heighten the level of competition as teams vie for the top spot, in turn improving the standard of play.